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Islamic Cultural Centre (Under the aegis of the MInistry of Arts and Culture)

Mission and Objectives

‚ÄčVision / Mission Statement
To facilitate and promote the participation of women in the socio-cultural activities of the country through a better understanding of Islamic arts, culture and values.
1. To motivate women to participate in socio-cultural activities relating to Islamic arts and culture.
2. To encourage representatives of various Ladies Associations in different regions of the country to meet regularly, discuss and share opinions on cultural values.
3. To promote sisterhood among Muslim ladies by organising social gatherings at the regional, national and international levels.
4. To guide ladies on social, recreational, educational and professional matters.
5. To work towards the development and empowerment of women from an Islamic perspective.
6. To organise debates, seminars and workshops on specific themes and issues relating to Islamic arts and culture.