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Islamic Cultural Centre (Under the aegis of the MInistry of Arts and Culture)

Rules and Regulations

‚ÄčStructure / Membership
As a first step, an Executive Committee composed of a maximum of 20 representatives from various Ladies Associations will be set up to discuss and work out detailed programmes and rules of procedure of the ICC Ladies Wing and amend same as and when required.
This Committee will meet on a regular basis (at least once a month) at the seat of the Centre. It will be assisted by the staff of the ICC to convene meetings, prepare notes, programmes and necessary papers for discussion. The Chairperson of the Committee will be nominated from among the current members for a particular period to be decided by the Committee. All proposals from this Committee will be submitted to the ICCTF Board for final decision.
All Ladies Associations which are interested to participate in the activities of the ICC and which agree to abide by its rules and regulations will be encouraged to form part of the ICC Ladies Wing through contacts and the media.
Membership Criteria
Members should be fully committed towards the cause of Islam
-Participation should be purely on a voluntary basis.
-Participation should abide by standard principles and practice at -meetings
-They should inform the secretariat in case of absence.
-Members are expected to represent the associations and report to -them on decisions and programmes to enable a wider participation.
-Discussions and meetings should be guided by the spirit of the -openness, collaboration and sharing.
-Members are expected to participate fully in sub-committee work and -programmes.