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Islamic Cultural Centre (Under the aegis of the MInistry of Arts and Culture)

ICC Library

The ICC Library houses a good collection of books, magazines, newspaper, reports, conference papers, audio-cassettes and video tapes. The book-stock is divided into three broad sections namely: Urdu, Arabic and Islamic Studies.
The Library is open to all members of the public (Muslims and non-muslims) particularly students, teachers, foreigners, converts and children interested in consulting and reading books, magazines, newspapers and other materials.
Any person wishing to borrow books must fill in an application form and he must produce documents such as his identity card/student card and birth certificate.
The following services are offered by the library:
A registered member may borrow two books for a maximum loan period of four weeks as stamped on the issue label. He becomes responsible for books issued to him until they are returned.
Books may be renewed on request for a further period of four weeks provided that they are not overdue and they are not required by other borrowers. Books may be renewed by phone.
A borrower is requested to fill in a reservation form at the issue desk in order to avail himself of the reservation service. Two books can be reserved at a time which the librarian will keep for five days only after notification.
General and bibliographical enquiries are handled by the librarian.
‘Photocopy service is provided to satisfy users’ needs.
A current awareness service is offered in the form of accession lists, table of contents’ reproduction and newspaper clippings to arouse the curiosity of users and create a greater awareness of new books and journals.
New books and journals are displayed regularly. A variety of local and foreign newspapers, journals and newsletters can be consulted on the spot.
Information files on calligraphy, history of Muslims, pillars of Islam, interview of Islamic scholars, Muslim Personal Law and other topics of interest may be accessible upon request.
Members are welcomed to fill in suggestion slips regarding the Islamic books they are interested to read. ‘These will be taken into account during the books’ selection exercise.
As there is Internet access, research is effectively carried out in the Islamic world at a fast rate and web pages are downloaded.